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network setup

Network Shares

Networking between 2 computers

Networking / Virus Help

Network/Router Name and Password?

Never fully finished the process of removing malware from my computer

New 8.1 account set as Admin

New Acer Laptop Logfile

New Ads popping up. Not sure what type of problem

New Adware Windows Are Always Popping Up

New Adware Every Pc Restart

New Adware Is Found Shortly After Cleaning. Few Seconds Of Pause Between Ie7 Screens.

New Avg User

New browser window keeps popping up :-----(

New Browser Windows Open Automatically

new but used computer: need a guide to get back to scratch

New Combofix infection?

New Computer - What Do I Need To Install Before Anything Else?

New Computer Build Trying to Load Windows 7

New Computer Connected To Internet

New Computer I Suspect Malware

New computer infected Virus

New Computer Is Already Acting Crazy

New computer win.7/8

New Computer Setup

New Computer With A Virus

New computer w/windows 8 - possible virus

New Computer with Spyware

New computer with virus

New Dell What Do I Need To Keep It Smooth

New disk partition created

New Drive

New Firewall Installation

New Folder Creation Problem On Xp System - Possible Malware/adware

New Encryption Virus

New Hd: How Can I Install Drivers Without Cd?

New here Need help with virus/malware?

New Hjt Job - Virus Or Malaware On My Pc

new install of windows 7 but infected already - help plz

New installed windows

new internet on new comp

New Laptop - Looking for advise on protection

New lap top not happy with 7

New laptop but suspicious of malware

New Laptop Infected With Antivirus2009

New Laptop setup

New Laptop/antivirus Removal

New Log To Be Looked At

New laptop: what to do first?

New here. 8 - severe FPS issues.

New Mail Server With Up To 3 Gb Full Free Space

New Log/Slow Computer/Dumb errors

New Malware That Cannot Be Cleaned

New MS-Dos Window and Message at Start-up

New Partition

new popups

New PClock ransome-ware cryptolocker copycat. need Wincl.exe (newest)

new redirector/windows update blocker?

New Rootkit Infection Windows 7 Ultimate - Multiple

new rootkit?

New SMART Virus

New Spyware Progs Immune to Current fixes?

New Tab from Favorites Bar w/ Edge

New system - how to keep virus-free?

New Tabs open up automatically (google-analytics then redirecting to adv site)

New tabs popping up when browsing

New To Adware Huge Problems Due To Adware

New tabs on browser with strange sites + Gmer evidence

New to hijack

New to Malware probs

New to site

New To The Site

New To This.i Think My Problems May Be A Virus.but Am Not Sure.

New Toshiba Satellite W/ Vista

New Trouble Installing Home On New Hd

New User - I'm sure i'm infected but Can't run Spybot Malware etc

New Usb Corrupting Virus

New User Account

New User problems with spyware.

New User to the Site-Need help with Windows Update/Possibly Infected Computer

new user accounts

New User With Log

new user name added to vista.

New variant of Ukash Scam virus

New Virus I Can Clean

new virus? - cant find any info on this infection

New window popups all the time

Newbie Told May Have Problem

Newbie with over activate internet connection

New SSD - how to move/re-direct AppsData to HDD?

Newbie with messed up computer

Newdot Problem + Possible Other Trojans?

New virus on my laptop

Newest $200 FBI ransomwarrre defeats combofix

newetulu.dll issue

Newly infected PC.

Newly Infected computer How to remove popup / torjan

Newsreaders - Downloading Par2 / Rar Files

Next step for C;\autorun.exe trojan MOVED

Nibjtv.dll error?

Nielsen Extension

Ninja Antivirus Action is hiding on me

njRAT picked up by Detekt on my machine

NIS blocking access to web page

No Admin Rights

No antivirus or malwares scans will run

No Andio Through My Montor Speakers

No antivirus can fix this one

No Antivirus Can Clean This One

No Backup Cd

No boot after Kaspersky & Hitman Cleared Malware

No boot for windows 7 after malware infection

no browser

No clue how I got infected with the Trojan but need help

No Driver needed

No Idea If I'm Infected Or Not

No Idea whether an infection or not

No Lan Line But Want To Surf

No Local account on computer

No malware detected

No More Access After Running Combofix

No mouse

No more google redirects

No more acess to windows firewall

No Network after XP antivirus 2012 rootkit removal

No OS in System Recovery Options (Vista Home Premium Dell Laptop)

No Printing

No Rootkits found

No Router - Wired Connection Hacked?

No Signs Of Malware

no sound - no performance and maintainence in control panel

No sound after running Malwarebytes in safemode

No sound from laptop to TV using HDMI cord

No sound in DVD video when burning it using Nero Vision Essentials (Nero 9)

No sound when using hdmi with flat screen tv on laptop

no usb driver

No Usb Drivers

No Virus' Help with problem

No Virus.I Think?

No virus or malware (supposedly) but screen looks weird and computer is slow

No Web Page

NO windows updates PERIOD + No AVAST Renew download either?

No Winxp Disk

NOD 32 can't clear virus

NOD32 and quarentine

Noisy Laptop When Playing Music Through Pa Sustem

Noisy mic

Non Bootable Friends PC

Non Stop Ads Infecting My Computer

Non Stop Pop Ups And Avsystem Care- Help?

Non-browser applications work online always

None of my anti spyware/malware programs will run

No Virus/spyware Detected But Obviously A Problem

Non-stop Antivirus Popup Ads

Nonstop Pop-ups In Ie7

non-viral pop-up in all browsers

Non-loading updates interfere with shutting down or going to Sleep?

normal websites have random popups.

Normal ways of removing a virus NOT working

Norton Antivirus malicious Script Disable Help

Norton Antivirus Captured Cryptolocker Virus After We Paid The Ransom

Norton Antivirus Switching Off

Norton Cannot remove these viruses

Norton Delete Tiddlywiki Files Completely.

Norton Ghost14 Tutorials

Norton insight shows i'm downloading unknown exe files

Norton is stopping my downloads

Norton Permanently Off

Norton Sees AdWare Cleaner As Not Safe

Norton shut off

Not 200% sure that laptop is 100% in the clear for virus' and malware

Not a good time for an infected computer - please help

Not a computer expert but have an infection

Not Able To Install Xp After Reformatting - Need Help

Not able to remove EXE files placed on desktop

Not able to remove qsubqpcc.exe from startup.

Not able to remove viruses from system. Helppppppp

Not copyable DVD

not exactly sure what is infecting me

Not really thick

Not Responding--end Program.

Not sure I have friend's system cleaned

Not sure how to repair

Not sure if computer is infected

Not sure if computer is infected but it continues to run super slow.

not sure if i am hacked or is it a malware that's wrecking havoc

not sure if I got rid of the Essential Cleaner virus?

Not sure if I have a virus help please

Not Sure If I Have A Virus. Please Take A Look At My Log.

Not sure if I have malware/virus

Not sure if i have virus

Not sure if I'm clean.Yahoo Developer

Not Sure If I'm Infected Please Help

Not sure if I'm infected. Starting to have internet problems

Not sure if I'm infected. got some issues

Not sure if infected

Not sure if I'm infected. Can you help me?

not sure if infected - slow computer

Not Sure If Infected Or Not.

Not sure if I'm still infected

Not sure if I'm infected.internet slow to start up

Not sure if infected but comp is suddenly slow and internet spotty.

not sure if it's malware or virus

Not sure if it's malware

Not Sure If My Computer Is Infected - Please Help

Not Sure If My Computer Is Infected

Not sure if malware/virus or internet outage

Not sure if my computer is clean

Not sure if my dad's computer is infected

Not sure if my machine is clean

Not sure if my new PC is infected but need to know. Help please :-)

Not Sure if my Laptop is infected

Not sure if this is a virus in my Registry Editor

Not sure if virus

Not sure if Virus is gone/Several Viruses found but still some symptoms

not sure its malware

Not Sure of Infections Just ran Hijack For First Time

Not sure of the name of spyware.

Not Sure What Has Infected Me But My Computer Is Acting Strange

Not Sure What I am Infected With BIG PC Problems

Not sure what I am infected with-possibly a registry problem?

Not sure what I'm infected with but Computer's running slow

Not sure what I'm infected with but the program is called Antivirus Win 7

not sure what infected with

Not sure what infected my computer.

Not sure what infections my computer has

Not sure what is infecting my pc

Not Sure What it is But I know My Vista PC is Infected

Not sure what it is - work computer

Not Sure What Kind Of Infection (malware?)

Not sure what it is infected with

Not Sure What My Problem Is. Sorry

Not sure what malware is affecting my computer

Not Sure If To Allow This In Firewall

Not sure what the problem is whether spyware

Not sure what the problem is. am I infected?

Not sure what my computer is affected with

Not sure what to uncheck when using AdwCleaner for removal

not sure what virus i have

Not sure what virus

Not sure what type of malware

Not Sure What Virus My Comp Has

Not sure what virus my computer has

Not sure what Virus/malware this is

Not sure whether or not infected

Not sure whats wrong. Computer running slow. Malware detected 347 threats

Not Sure Which Virus.

not the type to ask for malware help

Not trusting AV scan results. Malware or Damage?

Notebook Cleanup

Notebook w/Win7 OS unknown infection

Notebook infected

notepad files

Note Pad Logs

notepad by default opens this file

Nothing can find my virus (Win 7)

Nothing Seems To Get Rid Of My Malware

Nothing will remove my malware Help

Noticable slowdown on loading of pages and hogging broadband

Novice after reformat back up advice following virus

Now Laptop Hit: Please Help Diagnose - Trojans

Now My Laptop Is Infected

nt tChoose the program you wao use to open this file Windows 7 problem

NTFSDOS won't delete file

ntoskrnl-hook and stuff? [Moved]

Nub needs help with major mem eater.

Nuke a Hard Drive

Numerous Adware And Malware

Numerous ads have been popping up in my google chrome

Numerous Ads in IE

Numerous Drivers Not Working After Clean Install

Numerous anti-virus ad pop-ups

Numerous malware / virus problems

Numerous Malware Issues

Numerous Popups and slowed computer/network - help please

numerous popups wien using Firefox

Numerous Start-Up Errors and Infected(?) Desktop.

Numerous Pop-ups And Can't Get Rid Of Them

Numerous Spyware

Numerous popups and running processes: Computer 2

Numerous popups for numerous adware sources

Numerous services broken after a horrible malware attack

Nvidia Integrated Graphics Conflict

nvmcupruntime.dll error?

NY AG Scores Against Spyware Company

O/s Dual Loads

Obtaining Outlook 2010 Server Info

Obvious Virus - Need some help

Numerous IE popups while using Mozilla Firefox

Occasional Extreme Browser Slowdown

Occasional redirects while browsing

Odd Dialog box with redirect on certain flash sites

Odd find by MBAM need an opinion

Odd issue between accounts on Vista

Odd little piece of malware

Odd item in TCPView - Possible Trojan?

Odd Messages and Popups on screen

Odd problems after malware removal months ago

Odd one? (File in Windows Folder) Redirect Virus

Office 2000 Premium - Enabling Macros

Office 2003 Vista Install

Office Clipboard Blocks Ctrl+c Function

Office laptop that has been infected with multiple malware

Oh my GOD I think im infected with a ROOTKIT. PLS HELP

Oinadserver And Other Nasty Bugs Infecting My Computer

OK I've got the Privacy protect malware & no safe mode

Ok Let Me Start Over:)

Ok To Reallocate Unused Space To c Drive From d?

Old Computer Has Had It

Old Infected Computer

Old Laptop - Possible Infection?

Old laptop running windows 98 wiped for xp replacement

Old Uninstalled Programs Still In Program File

Older Computer Needs Security Check and Clean

Older CD not compatible with Windows 7 64bit

Older Desktop. need recovery disc

Older notebook running slowly

On Reboot 1457 .rar Files Are Created?

On startup

Onboard Sounds?

Onboard Sound

Once again my computer has something

Oncepokeante Toolbar And Spyware Popups

Once again my significant other downloads a virus or trojan

one care anti virus not working right

one computer on LAN is taking all internet download capability

One laptop is infected

One of my urls is redirected to several games and competition websites

One Of My Friend Is In Distress

One really badly infected computer system

Online accounts being hijacked

online banking hacked

Online banking account hacked. Need to determine if an infection on my laptop caused it.

Online Games Have Horrible Lag

Online games laggy

Online gaming account hacked twice

On-line Security- A Point To Ponder Perhaps?or Maybe Already Reality?

Only files deleted by Combofix?

Only Open 1 Window at a Time Internet

opeing a msword 2007 in a msword 2003

Open bios

Open an Application

Open Dns Blocks Websites

Open Office: 1. How To Set Labels Bottom Margin? 2. How To Set All Labels To Be Right To Left Typing? 3 Pop-Up Ad Removal Help

OpenAdServing PopUps in Chrome on WIndows 8

Opened Up A File And Now Viruses.need Help Please

opening a closed external hard disk

Opening another URL splits the screen in two.

Opening folders

Opening Pictures In A Different File

Openning a new port

Opens lots of Adaware and pops up new pages

Opens Multiple Browsers & Files

Opera issues and slow browsing

opera tries to redirect after a search

Operating system for new computer

optimizely IS A pain bogging down my computer

Optimizer Pro popups and Vosteran hijacking Chrome

Oracle Based Applications Wont Work With Windows Limited Users

Originally infected with Disk Defragger but cannot rid remaining malware

Originally System Fix virus

Originally had Anti-virus Soft. Thought I had removed it. Have removed various Trojans and malware in the last week.

OS' Run module & scandisk on reboot

OS installation

os is corrutpted

OS installed on HD2 and I want to Check for errors.

OS Setup prior to SSD installation

OS re-install

Outerinferno Popup Ad

Outerinfo And Other Pop-ups That Re-appear After Removal

Outlook 07 sending some domain email to junk

Outlook 2002 Shared Contacts

Outlook 2003 And Rules

Outlook 2007 Block Sender Effective Against Spam?

Outlook 2007 backup

Outlook 2007 printing

Outlook 2007 Serving Spam

Outlook 2007 switches to French spell check

Outlook 2013 - Backup?

Outlook 2010: How to set recurrent alarm during begin and end times

Outlook 2013 - Extra Personal Folders

Outlook 2013 Refresh rate

Outlook and Firefox

Outlook auto-login

Outlook backup

Outlook Contact and Calendar self replication

outlook configuration

Outlook Backup Pst

Outlook Express Contacts Transfer

Outlook Express Language settings

outlook keeps creating spam emails

Outlook sending unsolicited emails

Outlook Set-up

Outlook Sometimes Won't Close

Outlook setup

Outlook Virus can I block contact requests?

Over Charging Ipod Nano?

over a 1000 infected files

overclick hijacked my browser [Moved]

Overrun With spyware Remover Ads And Popups

Overrun With Popups And Adware

p.c maybe infected


Page redirection in Firefox

page redirects and ad popups

Pages redirecting

Pages redirected and applications won't work

Overclick problem/search engine re-direct


Panda Partially Disabled

part two of my files attach

Partially cleaned but Combofix and rkill BSOD

partition an existing hdd

Partition C

Partition f On Notebook Hdd/ How To Remove?

partition drive

Partioning a Hard Drive for XP

Partition Help

Partition new HDD help please

Partitioned 'C' and 'D' drives.

Partitioning and formatting for clean install

Partitioning an existing drive

partitioning the hard drive in Win7

Password For Folders

password for folder

Passwording Folders

pasting picture on top of clip art on word 2007

Pasting Web addresses

Patched Windows files.

Pb with combofix.exe is a trojan inside?

PC acting strangely;malware and virus tools disabled

PC acting weird - Think I may be infected

PC and Net went slow - Malware found

Pc Badly Infected

PC Backups

PC being monitored? Fishy upload speed

PC behaving odly - don't know what to do

pc bios corrupted

PC bombarded by antivirus pop ups and ultra slow

PC by Malaware or virus

Pc crashed without being able to reboot w/ white desktop and loss of files.

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